Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Compliments recieved till now....
There are many of them... but what I came to know from Vaishali are:
""we got the best compliment last week when one of the kids chose to come n sit for the storytelling session that going for a movie with her family.
Her father came n thanked us...he says that his daughter is now a FAN of LET ME TELL YOU A STORY.""
The storytellers are right now experimenting with new methods of storytelling, Anyone and everyone's invited to put in their pieces of mind and get some creative ideas on how to engage a child to listen to the story, how to make him / her read the books without being bossy or teacher like, how to make the storytelling session many to many or more interactive, what all activities can be thought of which can be carried within a span of two to three hours on a busy city street so that the whole experience is worthwhile.....
Looking forward for


Anonymous tabita said...

Cool all the best love your initiative its a great concept...keep goin :)

5:40 AM  

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