Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Compliments recieved till now....
There are many of them... but what I came to know from Vaishali are:
""we got the best compliment last week when one of the kids chose to come n sit for the storytelling session that going for a movie with her family.
Her father came n thanked us...he says that his daughter is now a FAN of LET ME TELL YOU A STORY.""
The storytellers are right now experimenting with new methods of storytelling, Anyone and everyone's invited to put in their pieces of mind and get some creative ideas on how to engage a child to listen to the story, how to make him / her read the books without being bossy or teacher like, how to make the storytelling session many to many or more interactive, what all activities can be thought of which can be carried within a span of two to three hours on a busy city street so that the whole experience is worthwhile.....
Looking forward for

“Let me tell you a story”

A simple statement?? A simple wish? A simple urge? A simple request .. Call it whatever you want… Just come once to MG road on Saturday and Sunday and you will find at one corner, this very statement coming true.. and u can actually listen to the story.. sitting merrily down on straw mats.. on the road side.. listening to Mary Poppins and teddy bear stories and singing the sound of music songs “These are few of my favorite things..”.

Location: MG Road Pune, Walking Plaza, Infront of Toon’s Pub.
Time: 7:30 p.m.

One small group of people forming a circle around something..nothing could be seen what is going inside that circle.. passing people were trying to get a peep into that circle and trying to fathom what’s happening there?? Well.. I went around to check whats in there.. and then I come across one of the beautiful things to which I am hooked onto quite a length of time I think….. there were a group of children sitting on mats… on the side of the road…… all engrossed in something… something to which they were patiently listening to ,,,,,, something which had all their attention of the world……. Something which was much more enticing than the Kulfis which they were getting at the corner…. Something which was much more glorious than the pizza hut branded red display boards….. and something sooo much needing their concentration that they never cared to bother who is going behind them….( there were some thousands of people on the road that time…. All walking…in their own worlds… ) So here I see.. those bunch of angels sitting there and listening in rapt attention to a gal sitting in the center of the group. One melodious voice she had, sitting nicely on a low chair… with a story book in her hand..and nicely reading them one of the teddy bear story……She invited some of the kids standing on the periphery of the inner circle with their parents… a lil scared whether to go in or not…. To come and listen to the story.. her questions were simple… “”Have you guys heard the song “Theses are few of my favourite things? “ come on .. kisi ne to suna hoga… Chalo.. we all sing together……”” and there she went….. …. And kinds actually sang with her……

With her there were some more people helping in the management…or what u can say….giving the kids.. who were leaving one badge…. A simple badge made of white sheet…. Jst a gal and a guy drawn on it… with the caption “ Let me tell you a story” pinned up with the kids name on it…. Lovely…… No money involved.. no websites..( I was fool enough to go and ask them,, do u have a website wherin I can register…!!! Shows how much unrealistically I am living mi life…) just pure simple thought to come every Saturday and Sunday in the evenings, set up their props which include some straw mats… one easy low lying chair for the storyteller to sit… some two or three posters… showing the Let me Tell you a Story…….and under the free light of the street light or the halogen tower bulbs and jst doing what they like to do on the weekends….

Lovely… a bunch of people for a common cause…without any frills and frolic… without any show off…..When I went in the next day i.e. Sunday….they recognized me…and when I gave them the badges I made on Saturday night … they thanked me ( I don’t know why… I didn’t do anything frankly…) …….for me it was like putting a drop in the ocean…..well thanks to you guys….You are doing good work…a kind to which I would like to contribute.

World is a better place and here and there we keep on finding good people…. Treasure those people.. treasure those thoughts….treasure those experiences…..treasure those memories….at last in the end, we all can say we Lived…!!!!
A voluntary group started by Vaishali and her friends, Abhishek, Neeraj, Sayali, Nisha, Minty and few more, an effort to see kids smiling...who believe in " You got to create what you want to be !!!"